Our amazing students can help you accelerate your business growth. You’ll find inspiration, energy and innovative ideas from the next generation of creative talent.

Educational experiences

Learning partnerships give our students the chance to work with real clients on real projects. This helps make them ready for the real world. Typically, you will have the chance to work with small teams of students for 4-8 weeks. You may prefer to participate in a shorter, more intensive hack. The choice is yours. This is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Laneway students while they are still studying, providing them with the ultimate educational experience.

Partner with us

This is the best way to meet and get to know our talented students. Our project facilitators will work with you to create a challenge brief that our students will work on. Give them access to the information they need to enable them to develop solutions and strategies that you can implement straight away. You may even decide to offer the chance for the students to implement their ideas through an internship placement.

Our students will inspire you

Laneway students are hustlers. They are creative, forward-thinking and equipped with tools and methods for solving complex tasks. Working with them will help your business stay competitive. You will also find the experience of working with the students will re-energise you and your team.

Enjoy the process

Being part of the learning journey for our students is fun and easy. All of our projects have a specific start and end date, culminating in a final pitch of ideas and strategies. The more you make yourself available to the student teams, the more you will receive and the more fun you will have along the way.

Upcoming project dates

We are open to launching projects for our students at anytime during the academic year. Our 2019 term dates are listed below to help you decide on when to get started with us.

Term 1: Jan 14th – Mar 24th

Term 2: Apr 8th – Jun 16th

Term 3: Jul 1st – Sep 8th

Term 4: Sep 23rd – Dec 1st

Let’s chat

The first step to working with our students is to provide us with some information about your business and your current challenges.

uPaged collaborated with our marketing and business students in Sydney over a 5 week period. Laneway students worked in cross disciplinary teams supported by our experienced project facilitators to deliver a range of practical solutions and creative ideas to drive future growth.


What is Spark Festival?

Spark Festival is Australia’s largest event for startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Our attendees are getting started, or going global. They are entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, innovators, students, executives or just plain curious. But with a two week program of more than 160 events, many of them free, they all find their spark at Spark.



Settlement Services International

Settlement Services International is a community organisation and social business that supports newcomers and other Australians to achieve their full potential. Our students collaborated with SSI to develop an employment on demand platform that enabled refugees newly arrived in Australia to gain valuable work experience while helping businesses overcome unexpected staff shortages.


Tank Stream Labs

Tank Stream Labs is one of Australia’s leading breeding grounds for technology entrepreneurs, thought leaders and early adopters. In 2017, Tank Stream Labs won Best Co-working Space in Australia at the inaugural Fintech Awards. The Tank Stream Labs community contains the future tech leaders in Australia with global aspirations.

As a key pillar of their 2020 growth plans, Tank Stream Labs is looking to establish a number of new co-working spaces across Australia. As part of this process, they require market trend analysis and competitor research across a range of geographical locations. Our students worked with the TSL team to complete this project, with the findings being used to make strategic business decisions in the future.



Cocoon offer beautifully furnished, medium-term student ‘co-living’ accommodation – but we offer more than just a roof over a student’s head. Cocoon tenants are offered an experience where flat mates are matched based on common interests and are delighted with activities designed to help residents get the most out of living in Sydney.

Cocoon collaborated with our students to complete a comprehensive target market analysis, with a focus on understanding the current buying process.

We’re on a mission to disrupt education because we know there’s a better way. We’ve thrown out the old classroom rules and empower our students to engage in real-world problems and opportunities in a creative way.

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