The following information was last updated at 6.32pm on Monday 11th May 2020.


We continue to be committed to working with our students and stakeholders in an open and transparent manner as the COVID-19 pandemic moves through different stages. While we are eager to return to our usual teaching model, we will continue to prioritise the health and safety of our students and staff.

Please find below updated information in response to recent updates provided by the Australian Government.

Q. Where I can find the latest information regarding the Australian Governments plan to ease current COVID-19 restrictions?

To stay up to date with information related to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across Australia, please refer to the below website.

Q. Will Laneway be extending its Tuition Fee Assistance Program?

YES. Our Tuition Fee Assistance Program will be extended to all students in Term 3, 2020.

Q. When will Campuses re-open?

At this stage we have no firm date for the re-opening of our Sydney and Melbourne campuses. We are monitoring the guidelines issued by the New South Wales and Victorian governments on a daily basis as we design our plan to return to normal campus operations and class delivery.

We will provide a further update as soon as we have clear details on when we expect campuses to re-open for student access and also when on-campus delivery will recommence.

The following information was last updated at 6.34pm on Wednesday 25th March 2020.


We are committed to working with our students, staff and partners during this unprecedented time. As always, our priorities are to ensure our students continue to get their education while being healthy and safe. While the COVID-19 situation is constantly changing, we will continue to monitor and respond to the new information as it becomes available. 

We have prepared the following FAQs and answers that outline Laneways response plan based on what we know and the advice we have received from relevant Government Departments and Agencies.

Q. Where I can find the latest information about COVID-19 in regard to my student visa and studies in Australia?

The following are the only reliable websites to access the latest announcements and advice provided to international students. This is where you can find out the latest updates on COVID-19 and access the support available to international students. 

We will continue to keep our students up to date via their personal email, SMS and our Laneway Students Facebook Group.

Q. I’m an existing student, when will my classes re-commence?

Your classes will re-commence for Term 2 on the week of 6th April as scheduled. We will be moving to online delivery for all of our courses from the beginning of Term 2. You will receive the timetable for your scheduled online tutorial sessions one week prior to the commencement of the term.

Q. I’m a new student starting my studies for the first time in Term 2 (6th April), what should I do?

We cant wait to meet you ! Your Orientation session is scheduled for Thursday, 2nd April at 10:00 am (AEDT Australia, Sydney timezone). This session will be delivered online and you will be sent the details to access this session on Wednesday 1st April. 

In this online session we will introduce you to Laneway, explain the support available to you while you study with us, discuss your timetable for Term 2 and how you will access your online classes and opportunity for you to ask any questions in relation to your study with Laneway.

Q. I’m a new student due to start my studies in Term 2 (6th April), but I cannot enter Australia due to travel restrictions, what should I do?

If you have been affected by the travel restrictions and unable to enter Australia from 20 March, we have arrangements in place for you to commence your studies with your classmates as scheduled. 

Once the travel restrictions are removed, you can then enter Australia and continue with your studies here. Please contact us directly via or by phone on +61 (02) 9019 3377 and we will explain to you how this will work in your specific case.

Q. How do I study online and get access to the learning materials?

Just like you would do on campus, you will receive a timetable showing when your classes will be conducted online. When we share your timetable with you, we will provide clear instructions on how to log into your online classes.

Weekly learning and assessment materials will be available as usual on MyCampus. New students will be provided with their MyCampus login details during orientation. You need to have access to a laptop, computer or mobile device such as an iPad with internet access to undertake the online study. 

Q. How can I complete my group work, projects or presentations?

We will conduct group work activities and discussions, projects and presentations during the weekly scheduled online tutorial sessions. Any specific and supporting assessment instructions will be provided to you in these sessions and also made available on MyCampus as usual. 

Q. What is my tuition fee for next term if I have to study online?


We have built Laneway with a focus on student experience and career outcomes. A big part of this is staying connected to our students and having empathy with their individual and collective situations. We have always supported our students as much as we could during their studies and while launching their new careers or business. We now are presented with another opportunity to reinforce this.

As such, we are offering all of our students a $250 tuition assistance bursary to their tuition fees for Term 2. This will be applied automatically to all new and existing enrolled students. To further relieve the financial burden during this unprecedented period, we are also offering all new and existing enrolled students the opportunity to split their tuition fee payment for Term 2 over two instalments. Further details about this, based on your personal situation, is outlined below.

I haven’t paid my tuition fees for Term 2 yet, what do I need to do?

If you haven’t paid your tuition fees for Term 2, you have until April 6th (start of Term 2) to make your payment to take advantage of the $250 bursary. There is no need to contact us directly, you simply need to make your payment and we will apply the credit from the bursary. If your payment is received after April 6th, you will not be eligible for the bursary and will need to pay the full fee outstanding as stated in your invoice.

If you decide to take advantage of our payment plan option, your bursary will be split evenly across your two payments. Your second payment will be due by May 8th. If you decide to pay your fees in full, the bursary will be applied upfront in one lump sum. Please see the examples below:

Payment in full: $1,750 (Tuition Fee) less $250 (Bursary) = $1,500 payment made in full by April 6th

Payment plan: $1,750 (Tuition Fee) less $250 (Bursary) = $1,500 split over two payments. First payment of $750 made by April 6th and second payment of $750 made by May 8th.

I have already paid my tuition fees for Term 2, do I still receive the tuition assistance bursary?

If you have already paid your tuition fees in full for Term 2, we will automatically apply this subsidy to your Term 3 tuition fees.

If you have decided to withdraw, defer or apply for a leave of absence from your studies with us for Term 2, this subsidy will not be credited to future tuition fees.

Please note that the online delivery and learning materials will reflect a similar volume of learning as face to face delivery. We will also be adding some new and additional elements to your study while we are online. Our academic team is working around the clock to contextualise our existing course materials to deliver it to you in a flexible online delivery format. You will be receiving the same amount of training as well as all of the usual support provided by Laneway to enable you to complete your study during this period.

Q. How do I get help and access academic support for my learning and assessments?

You can access academic support during the scheduled online tutorial sessions. You can also contact your trainer anytime during the term via email to seek additional support or send an academic enquiry. Your trainers contact details are on MyCampus – Subject page.

Q. I’m an existing student, can I leave Australia and continue my studies online?

The current advice from the Australian Government is to not travel overseas. You will also be affected by travel restrictions and 14 days mandatory self-isolation upon your return.

Please contact us by phone on +61 (02) 9019 3377 or by email via before you make any travel arrangements as it is important to get the right advice so that you can make an informed decision.

Q. Can I defer my commencement or apply for a leave of absence?

Yes, you can. As soon as we receive your request, we will notify the Department of Human Affairs through PRISMS that we are deferring your study for a period of time which will affect your expected completion date and course duration.  

Your deferment may affect your student visa. In particular, if your new CoE has an end date that is beyond the expiry of your current student visa, you will have to apply for a new student visa to remain in Australia for the full duration of your course.

Q. What happens in relation to my pre-paid tuition fees if I withdraw or defer my commencement?

We are committed to supporting our students during this uncertain and unprecedented time. As such we have implemented an update to our existing policies related to course withdrawals, deferments and the management of tuition fees.

Students that enrolled to study with us AFTER the 15th March 2020, will have the following policy amendments implemented.

Australian Border Closure affecting NEW students:

If the Australian government places a ban on the ability for foreign nationals from a particular country to enter Australia (border closure), any student affected by this will be supported in the following ways;

  • They can commence their studies as planned by participating in their online classes while they remain in their home country. Once the travel restrictions are lifted, they can enter Australia and continue with their studies. Please contact us directly via or by phone during business hours on +61 (02) 9019 3377 and we will explain to you how this will work in your specific case; OR
  • The student will be entitled to defer their commencement to any future date without any penalty; OR
  • They will be entitled to a full refund of tuition fees paid if their intended date of arrival into Australia or course commencement is within the period of the closure.

NEW Student decides to cancel their enrolment before they arrive in Australia:

If a student decides to cancel their enrolment (new student yet to start a course) before they arrive in Australia AND before the course commencement date, they will be entitled to a full refund of tuition fees paid.

For all students that enrolled with us prior to the 15th March 2020, we will review any requests on a case by case basis. We would recommend reviewing our Enrolment Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation and Management of Tuition Fees Policies and Procedures that outline the options available. This can be accessed here