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Learning partnerships give our students the chance to work with real clients on real projects. Typically, you will have the chance to work with small teams of students for 4-8 weeks. You may prefer to participate in a shorter, more intensive hack. The choice is yours. This is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Laneway Education students while they are still studying, providing them with the ultimate educational experience. Our project facilitators will work with you to create a challenge brief that our students will work on. Give them access to the information they need to enable them to develop solutions and strategies that you can implement straight away. You may even decide to offer the chance for the students to implement their ideas through an internship placement.

Our students are hustlers. They are creative, forward-thinking and equipped with tools and methods for solving complex tasks. Working with them will help your business stay competitive. You will also find the experience of working with the students will re-energise you and your team. Being part of the learning journey for our students is fun and easy.


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The first step to working with our students is to provide us with some information about your business and your current challenge.

We’re on a mission to disrupt education because we know there’s a better way. We’ve thrown out the old classroom rules and empower our students to engage in real-world problems and opportunities in a creative way.
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